Hahn's work integrates the time-based forms of video with practices of computer imagery and print, animation, virtual reality, installation, and writing. Since the mid 1970s, he has addressed the electronic image as a technological metaphor for perception, memory and dream. As art historian Dominique Radrizzani writes in the catalog Astral Memories of a Flying Man: "It is this luminous realm of dream that Hahn’s great art of light and shadow rediscovers, using video like those infinite eyes which night has opened in us * ... The terrains explored by Hahn are not those of the terrestrial globe anymore, but rather those of the ocular globe, the inward looking hemisphere of the eye."



Alexander Hahn (b. 1954, Rapperswil, Switzerland) is an electronic media artist. A graduate of the Zurich University of Arts with a degree in art education (1979), he participated in the Whitney Museum Independent Study Program in New York (1981).

He lives and works in Zürich and New York.

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